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Novas QC is protecting Importers From 70 Countries Worldwide!
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Novas QC is protecting Importers From 70 Countries Worldwide!
Need a quality control team?
Need a quality control team?
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The best brands have a quality control team on the ground in China

Get a Full-Service Quality Control Team for the Cost of An Inspection

Get a Full-Service Quality Control Team for the Cost of An Inspection

Need a quality control team?

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Why choose Novas QC service limited?

Why choose Novas QC?

If you’re looking for a quality control partner in China, you’ve come to the right place.

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Professional staffs

  • At least 4+ years quality inspection experience.
  • Qualified quality inspection experience by ASQ or AQSIQ.

Quick service

  • Start inspection/audits within 48 hours.
  • Issue the reports within 12 hours.

Guaranteed and flexible cancellation service

  • Not happy, fully refund.
  • Cancel the booking up to 4pm (China time) the day before.

Why Choose Novas QC ?

You can go online and search for a china inspection company and get 1000s of competitors, but at Novas QC, we do a lot more than just inspections.

Cut-Rate $110

Low-cost inspection providers, freight companies, and sourcing agents

  • Impossible Inspector Time Quotas

  • Bad Reports, No 1-on-1 Personalization

  • Unreliable & Inconsistent Results

  • Untrained Inspectors

  • Bad English & Miscommunication

  • High Risk of Fraud


Well-known inspection companies
  • No 1-on-1 personalization or assigned team

  • Unreliable & Inconsistent Results

  • Trained Inpectors

  • Bad English & Miscommunication

Novas QC $237/Day

Get an entire quality control team for the price of an inspection!

  • Native English Service Pod (Your Own Team)

  • Video & Photo Reports with Factory Overview

  • Pay Only For Actual Inspector Time

  • Custom instructions for unique products

  • Continuously Improving Recommendations

Your Own Team


  • Personalize 1-1 support

  • High salary, travel, training overhead

  • Not up to industry standards

  • High risk of fraud

  • No quality control insights from similar brands

Frequently asked questions.

If you can’t find the answer you’re looking for, please contact us directly.

What is the procedure of working with us?2021-10-02T21:22:55+08:00

There are 4 steps to work with us:
1. Fill in our booking form here: BOOK NOW
2. As per the booking form received, we contact your supplier to confirm the inspection date and inspection address
3. Inspection fee collected, we perform the inspection as per the schedule.
4. You will receive the inspection report within 12 hours after the inspection is finished.

Is there any other fee behind the prices?2021-10-02T21:24:22+08:00

No any other fees behind the prices! All the prices you see on our website are all-inclusive prices. No any other hidden cost. It covers all related cost such as the traveling, meals and report etc..

My factory recommended an inspection company?2021-10-02T21:28:00+08:00

Inspection companies should be 3rd parties. Factories only recommend inspection companies they have relationships with, which means the inspector is likely to pass a bad order.


Years of experience


Amazing employees


covers cities in China


Projects done

Soft Goods

A subset of Non-Durable Goods, including not only “soft” goods, but also goods which have a short useful life, usually less than 3 years.

Hard Goods

A subset of Durable Goods, which includes not only “hard” goods, but also goods which have a useful life greater than 3 years.


Items manufactured for use or consumption by other industries or firms as opposed to goods made for direct purchase by retail consumers.

We Inspect 20’s of Different Products Everyday!

We strive for excellence in everything we do.

Novas QC is a full-service, full-line China inspection agency with specific expertise in the inspection of products and the auditing of suppliers across a large number of different industries.

Need a quality control team?


Product Inspections

Novas QC provides a wide range of independent inspection services from the start of production to container loading


Factory Audits

A right and responsible partner for your production can really make a difference


Loading Inspection

Quantity check, packing list check, the container conditions, the loading process (cartons conditions, filling-up level etc)

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