December 6, 2021

Best amazon FBA Inspection companies in China

Novas QC is an amazon FBA prep service provider, and amazon FBA Inspection and loading container check company. we offer a amazon FBA prep, pre shipment inspection, and FBA consulting.We offer a hands off solution to solve what most important to you. “Growing your business” Spend more time sourcing and marketing, and let us worry about making sure your items meet all FBA shipping requirements and that your items arrive in good shape to amazon. 

Why Product Inspections and Loading container check are Critical for Amazon Customers:

For Customers ,almost one-third of online returns are due to damaged or poor quality products,through product Inspections and Loading container check can reducing returns can increase your profits by up to 50%. 

How Novas QC Helps with Amazon FBA:

Pre-Shipment Inspections and Loading container check for Amazon FBA

  • Design the quality checklist for your product: choose from thousands of off-the-shelf options or develop your specifications from scratch with the assistance of Novas QC product experts
  • Verify product quality before it leaves the factory: within 48 hours of your order, inspectors specialized in your product arrive onsite to check your shipment against your specifications
  • Get the full picture: a detailed inspection report with photographs and defect descriptions is sent to you the same day as the inspection
  • Accept or reject with one click: make the decision for your shipment, even if you’re on the go
  • Loading container check can reconfirm if goods are ready and good for shipment


Why Choose Novas QC as Your FBA Inspection and Loading Container Check Partner

  • Fast and flexible: inspectors onsite in 48 hours, same-day inspection reports
  • Online and mobile: access your orders, reports anywhere, any time
  • Transparent pricing: flat rates for inspections, instant quotes for inspection, with no hidden fees
  • Product expertise: we are experts in all major consumer goods, including garments, accessories, footwear, toys, electronics, promotional products, and more
  • Right for your business: with extensive experience with small and medium business, and Amazon customers specifically, we understand the needs of your business


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