December 5, 2021

China Pre shipment inspection on site test

Buying from China is a task. It is difficult for buyers to maintain assurance when the distance and the cultural differences between you and the supplier are significant. Our Novas QC team provides you with comfort and confidence, knowing that one of our team members is in your factory, reviewing your products before finalizing your factory payment.

Watch us as we take a detailed, analytical look at your finalized production and scrutinize every indication to confirm that your order complies with the specification

China Pre shipment inspection is a systematic inspection of samples of goods selected randomly from all batches of your order. This inspection is conducted when your production is at least 80% complete.

It can provide last opportunity for your company to take corrective action before your product is finished and packed.

On site test

China Pre shipment inspection occur at the factory after the supplier finishes the production, but before all of the products are packaged in export cartons. When pre shipment inspection,on site test is necessary and important, to test the function of your goods is perfect.

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