November 21, 2021

Container Loading Inspection(CLI)

Container loading inspection (CLI) in China entails overseeing the loading of products or insustrial goods into shipping containers.Inspectors verify the quantity, style, and packaging of the products and ensure that all the export cartons are placed in a safe environment.

A Container Loading Inspection(CLI) is an inspection services that allows you to verify that your goods are handled correctly when loaded onto containers. This is to ensure a safe delivery to the final destination Sometimes referred to as Container Loading Check or Container Loading Supervision, this service takes place at the factory or the port after production.

Container Loading Inspection will take place when 100% of your order has been finished and passed the pre-shipment inspection but before shipment.

What we check during Container Loading Inspection:

*Loading quantity of goods: according with your order

*Quality of your goods :To confirm the goods are in perfect condition

*Package: shipping marks, carton, gift box, pallet, etc

*Container: cleanliness, damaged container is not allowed. Container number and Seal number

*All accessories are load in appropriate position of the container.

Why you need the Novas QC Container Loading Inspection:

Our QC engineer will be onsite in factory at the time of loading, to make sure the final details of your products are correct and actual ordered quantity are securely loaded onto your container.


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