January 7, 2022

Equipment Machine China Top Third Party Inspection

Machine Equipment is high vule,Novas QC China Top Third Party Inspection,high quality reliable inspection is more important.

What Novas QC China Top Third Party Inspection check 

1.Quantity check

Quantity check is necessary for Pre-shipment Inspection/Final Random Inspection(PSI), During Production Inspection(DPI), InitialProduction Check (IPC), Full Inspection and Supervision of loading. The quantity check include the unfinished product, packed and unpacked product. And all the data would be recorded in the quantity chart of report.

2.Workmanship check

Workmanship check is the most important part of product inspection. Inspector selected samples according to ANSI / ASQ Standard Z1.4-2008 or client’s request. All defects will be recorded in report and take detail photos. And we will give a result (PASSED/FAILED) for this part according to the standard and defective quantity. All defects will be picked out by inspector and Supervise factory rework.


On-site test is to check the the function and performance and parameter of products. We use different test items for different products. All test items will be confirmed with you before testing, and you can decide on the final test items, we will also give you some reasonable Suggestions for your reference.On site test would be recorded in report.
4.Measurment check

Measurement check include package size and weight check and product size and weight check. All measurement information would be recorded in report.

5.Client’s special requirment

In order to better inspect the products, in addition to the above four inspection items, we also accept requirements from customers.

Reliable inspection service is to ensure your delivery quality. We are professional and have rich experience. Our inspection are all over China to effectively help you
control quality risks and reduce your quality control costs

Novas QC China Top Third Party Inspection can provide quality management and inspection/audit services all along the production processes.


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