October 17, 2021

Amazon FBA Inspection

FBA Inspection checks Amazon FBA requirements are fully undestood and met. With e-commerce as a hot trend worldwide, a lot of buyers are selling their products on Amazon platform. It makes FBA inspection a popular service.

What will be checked in our Amazon FBA inspection service:

1. FBA barcodes reading (on product+package)
2. FBA labels requirement (labels sizes+quantities+applications)
3. FBA package requirement (carton/ inner box/ gift box sizes + weight limit)
4. FBA packing materials (DOs + DON’Ts)

Besides above special checking for Amazon FBA requirements, below points are covered:

1. Quantity checking & samples size checked by AQL II standard
2. Appearance & Workmanship defectives
3. Other Data measurement
4. Function checking & testing
5. Carton drop test
6. Safety and conformance check when applicable

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