March 16, 2022

FBA Inspection Third Party Inspection Service

Amazon has strict quality standards in place for sellers wanting to use their FBA services. In order to meet these standards, sellers will take advantage of professional Amazon FBA inspection services. FBA Inspection Third Party Inspection Service allow the small business owner to ensure the quality of their products even if they are being shipped directly from the manufacturer to the Amazon warehouse, the most cost-efficient way to do it.

FBA Inspection Third Party Inspection Service is for fulfilment by Amazon sellers around the world. FBA sellers send their inventory to Amazon for them to then ship to customers when a sale is made. There are more than 2 million FBA sellers on Amazon, sellers have to ensure that Amazon’s FBA requirements for the shipments they receive are met. Novas QC Amazon FBA inspection is a pre-shipment inspection service that specifically helps FBA sellers around the world ensure that their shipment is not rejected by Amazon.

FBA Inspection Third Party Inspection Service include
An Amazon FBA inspection is conducted when products are ready for shipment. Amazon has specific requirements that need to be followed.

Ensure quantity is as per order
Quality matches the specifications required by the FBA seller: This is a crucial point for an FBA business, customers expect the products to match the description written on Amazon. One bad review at the start can be really detrimental to future sales. Out of a 100 sales, sellers usually get 3-4 people who leave a review. If the customers who happen to leave a review don’t get the product they expected. Your Amazon listing could suffer a lot
Look for defects in the products: An inspection for products whose sales channel is Amazon should follow very stringent quality control processes. Our inspectors identify each defect they find in your products and report back with photographic evidence
Ensure that the weight and dimensions of the cartons are per Amazon’s FBA requirements: If you intend to ship directly to Amazon’s FBA fulfillment center and the wrong cartons are used. Amazon has the right to refuse your shipment.
Ensure packaging is as per Amazon’s FBA requirement: Packaging both internal and external must be in compliance with FBA requirements. You might be charged extra by Amazon for re-packing or an outright refusal of your shipment.
Ensure labeling has been done as per FBA requirements: It is very important for labeling to be done correctly. Amazon is very stringent with this protocol. Issues like poly bags with correct warning labels should be given special attention
Once the FBA inspection is completed, we send you a report with all our findings. This includes a photo report, as well as our overall analysis. Our inspection report would show photographic evidence of all aspects of your order.

FBA inspection benifits
Ensure your supplier is a real factory and you are not being scammed. This is not only in terms of low-quality products but also the supplier may just be a trader and not the manufacturer themselves meaning you are probably overpaying for your products. An inspection would ensure they are actually the manufacturer not a middleman.
Ensure products get ready on time. When suppliers expect a product inspection to take place, they must ensure the order gets ready on time.
You do not end up paying for substandard products. An inspection would ensure you are only paying for the highest quality of products, not products you can’t sell.
Amazon’s terms of service are being met
Avoid bad reviews in case a defective product is shipped to a customer
Avoid the risk of returns
Better reviews for your products meaning more sales
Avoid quality fade: A FBA inspection not only helps new Amazon FBA sellers, but experienced sellers should also be using a quality inspection service. Quality fade is the phenomenon that occurs when you have been working with the same manufacturer for a while. Quality of your products slowly starts getting worse at a subtle pace, this may be due to cheaper materials that you may not notice at first but when they pile up over time, the overall quality of your products is a lot worse.

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