May 13, 2022

Hardline China First Third Party Products Inspection

Novas QC Third Party Product Inspection are tailored to fit the risk profile of your products and can include visual and technical evaluations of statistically selected samples:
Final Random Inspection covers product appearance, workmanship quality, size measurements, functional application, assortment, accessories, quantity check, labelling and packing. We follow the inspection method according to ANSI/ASQC Z1.4 (ISO 2859-1) and issue detailed inspection reports based on defined AQL’s. Pre-Production Check reduces the risk that production is jeopardised by sub-standard supply of material and components
Initial Production Check permits timely corrections of any non- conformities detected
During Production Check allows evaluation of the average product quality during manufacturing

Our services covering housewares, toys, hardware, automotive parts, packaging and other hardline products are focused on compliance to safety, other mandatory regulations and performance requirements. Within this vast product segment, we adapt our services to specific products and retail markets.

A rope inspection should consider the following points:
General visual inspection (places requiring increased attention)
Diameter measurement with a suitable tool and at different strategic posititons
Measurement of rope length
Evaluation of degree of corrosion
Check quantity
On site test
Other requirements.

Reliable inspection service is to ensure your delivery quality. We are professional and have rich experience. Our inspection are all over China to effectively help you
control quality risks and reduce your quality control costs

Novas QC China Top Third Party Products Inspection can provide quality management and inspection/audit services all along the production processes.

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