January 21, 2022

Hardline Products Quality Inspection Service

Hardline products come in a diverse range that has a variety of manufacturing and handling methods. To have a quality control over these products is necessary to save the brand image and retain customers. Customers today can easily return a product or switch brand if they don’t find the products according to their choice. To maintain the quality of products as per international standard, hardline product inspection service are offered that can meet the diversified demands of customers in each country.

Types of Hardline Products

The Hardline products include

  • Electrical Appliance
  • Electronics and IT Equipment
  • Home and Industrial Furniture
  • Industrial and Construction Material
  • Home-ware Utilities
  • Hardware Products
  • Packaging and Stationery Products
  • Sports goods
  • Children Toys

Hardline Products Quality Inspection Service Reasons

The hardline products are analyzed in order to check

  • Production quantity as per order quantity
  • Workforce effectiveness, proper training and the environment
  • Functional evaluation in the form of Hi-Pot Electrical Testing and Assembly of components etc.
  • Packaging Integrity Evaluation under ISTA 1A Drop-Test to ensure product safety during shipment and transportation
  • Labeling verifications to make sure product cartons and containers have all information of loading, unloading, unpacking and keeping the products

Commonly Found Errors in Hardlines

Some serious quality flaws found in hardline products include

  • Appearance issues in the form of scratches, stains dents
  • Warranty and guarantee cards are unfilled or missing
  • Missing spare parts and standard tools
  • Information about voltage, fixing, and cleansing is missing
  • Functions are not specified properly in user manuals
  • Safely issues due to leakage in batteries, open wires, sharp edges etc.

Benefits of Hardline Products Quality Inspection Service:

Hardline product inspection is done in order to

  • Examine products are produced according to global and local production standards
  • Reduce chances of recalls, complaints, and returns from retailers and customers due to defective pieces
  • Cut costs by integrating supply chain and production line
  • Maintain end-to-end quality in rapidly changing fashion and luxury products as well
  • Enhance sale of products due to quality and innovation in products
  • Inspect, test, train and certify suppliers for safe and quality production
  • Secure brand image and ear brand loyalty
  • Build positive brand image for potential customers
  • Provides compliance with global quality, safety, environment and health standards
  • Enter international markets with minimum effort
  • Ensure consistent quality production
  • Meet customer demands

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