November 27, 2021

Kitchenware Pre shipment inspection(PSI) in China

Why do Kitchenware Pre shipment inspection(PSI) ?

Many importers buy from Kitchenware China,how can guarantee its quality,Novas QC can do it for you.

OUR OBJECTIVE: protect your business.

OUR MISSION: report you only the true findings.

First of all, every batch of products has some defects, just like there is no 100% pure GOLD. All manufacturers have, or should have their QC department  to minimize the defect rates to an acceptable level. But all inspectors are subjective, or they might just check periodically instead of every pieces. The extra pair of eyes will help ensure the quality. But very commonly, lots of factories don’t even have in-house QC-check.That is needed professional and reliable Pre shipment inspection(PSI).

Secondly,with our inspection you can have a commitment or make a promise to your clients or consumers that you will deliver quality products to their hands. With our service, at a small cost, you can monitor, analyse, and keep track of your quality performance.

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