April 21, 2022

Pre-Shipment Inspection For Baby Products

Our Service Includes quality inspection, Factory Audit, Production Monitoring, Initial Production Inspection, In-process Inspection, Pre-shipment Inspection, Container Loading Inspection. We can help you to follow the whole process for your order. We provide inspection for Baby products,Home Appliances, Electronics, Mechanical Products, Hardware, Auto & Moto parts, Clothing, Textile, Stationery, Furniture and Building Materials, etc.

We have an international team based in China, who is familiar with both the Chinese culture as well as the expectation of international purchasers. We also employ experienced team to train inspectors and auditors, with backgrounds in electronics, baby products, household appliances, textiles, garments, furniture, etc. These inspectors are stationed in most city of China.

Novas QC can provide all kinds of inspections, including full check and on-line/final/preshipment.
All inspections are included but not subjected to following subjects: quantity checking/product description,color/workmanship/on-site testing/packing/marking label.

Pre-Shipment Inspection For Baby Products including :
1. we will check the quantity of the products, products are in good condition in supplier warehouse.
2. the label and shipping mark on the export cartons is correct .
3. the cartons/ product package / product dimension and weight .
4. the quantity in each carton is correct ,check the package method / label / marks according to customer checklist or specification.
5. check the material of the package and products is correct , compare with customer approved sample .
6. check the appearance / workmanship of the products .
7. check the function according to customer’s requirements or specification.
8. random take sample to do the physical test , such as sharp point / small part /tension test / drop test ….
9. other safety test according to international standards .

A pre-shipment inspection is a step taken by trade operators (buyers, suppliers, agencies) to inspect newly manufactured products before they are shipped for export/import.
The purposes of a pre-shipment inspection are to:
Check the quantity and quality of the merchandise
Check products for any defects
Ensure products meet the safety requirements of the destination market
Issue report for import and billing

This inspection is generally performed when 100% of the goods are complete, and at least 80% packed. Random samples are drawn according to the international AQL standards to examine if the whole shipment is acceptable. The sampling standard we adopt is ANSI/ASQC Z 1.4-2003 (Equivalent to ISO 2859-1 or MIL-STD-105E),or use the client’s specification. Our inspectors will check the product conformity, workmanship, measurements, function testing, labeling, markings and packaging, and custom quality points required by the customers. After the inspection, we will provide a professional third party inspection report to our customers, the report includes details product photos and information .

Novas QC can provide reliable and professional inspection service for you.If you need quote price, pls feel free to contact us.Our price is all included.

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