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Two kinds of factory audits are mostly requested, one is mainly to check the supplier or manufacturer’s general conditions, capability and its quality management system; the other is focused on whether they are socially and ethically compliant and responsible.

Simple Factory Audit

– Factory profile.

– Detailed staff count.

– Products currently produced.

– Observation of one production line (process steps, type and number of machines).

– Overview of the general organization (quality system, working environment, and equipment condition).

– Photos of the factory building, the production workshop, the warehouse, the office area.

– Photos of business license, export license, and any certificates.

Extensive Factory Audit

– Factory profile.

– Detailed staff count.

– Products currently produced.

– Observation of one production line (process steps, type and number of machines).

– Capacity evaluation for one line that makes a product close to yours.

– A brief audit of the quality system.

– A brief audit of social policy: child labour, forced labour, number of hours worked (with random interviews).

– A brief audit of safety policy: fire prevention, evacuation plan, chemical hazards, protective equipment.

– A quick assessment of environment policy: waste disposal, energy-efficient equipment.

– Photos of the factory building, the production workshop, the warehouse, the office area.

– Photos of business license, export license, and any certificates.

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Nova QC is your reliable China quality control inspection services partner!

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Factory Audits

A right and responsible partner for your production can really make a difference


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Novas QC: Your Reliable Experts in Factory Quality Inspection and Audits in China

Looking for reliable factory supervision services to enhance your production processes? Do you require a comprehensive factory inspection to ensure the highest quality standards are met? Look no further! Novas QC offers professional and independent Chinese Factory Auditing services that guarantee peace of mind and exceptional results.

Why is Factory Audit important?

  1. Unparalleled Quality Control: our Factory Audit service acts as a crucial quality control measure, enabling you to identify potential issues before they escalate. By conducting thorough inspections, we help you maintain consistent product quality, reducing the risk of defects or substandard manufacturing.
  2. Mitigate Risks: with China being a global manufacturing hub, it is essential to mitigate risks associated with outsourcing production. Our China Factory Inspection services provide an unbiased assessment of your supplier’s capabilities, ensuring compliance with industry regulations and minimizing any potential risks.
  3. Supplier Selection: when choosing suppliers for your business, it is vital to partner with reliable manufacturers who prioritize quality. Our Chinese Factory Inspection helps you make informed decisions by evaluating suppliers’ facilities, equipment, certifications, and overall production capacity.

Benefits of Simple Factory Audit in China:

  • Comprehensive Assessment: our Simple Factory Audit package covers all essential aspects necessary for evaluating supplier performance effectively.
  • Facility Evaluation: we thoroughly inspect the factory premises to assess its suitability for meeting your specific requirements.
  • Production Capacity Analysis: we analyze the manufacturer’s ability to meet production deadlines while maintaining optimal output levels.
  • Equipment Verification: our auditors verify the condition and functionality of machinery used in the manufacturing process.
  • Compliance Check: we ensure that factories adhere to local laws and regulations concerning labor practices and environmental standards.

Benefits of Extensive Factory Audit:

  • In-depth Supplier Evaluation: the Extensive Factory Audit package provides an even more detailed analysis compared to our Simple package.
  • Raw Material Assessment: we examine the sourcing methods employed by suppliers to ensure the quality and authenticity of raw materials used.
  • Quality Management System: our auditors assess the supplier’s quality control processes, including documentation, testing procedures, and corrective actions.
  • Social Compliance Audit: We evaluate the factory’s adherence to ethical labor practices, ensuring fair treatment of workers and compliance with international standards.

By choosing Novas QC’s Factory Audit service, you gain access to a team of experienced factory auditor experts who possess extensive knowledge in various industries. Our commitment to delivering accurate assessments empowers you to make informed decisions while maintaining high-quality standards throughout your supply chain. Novas QC already helps importers from 70 countries worldwide!

Don’t compromise on quality! Trust Novas QC for reliable Factory Audit services that safeguard your business interests. Contact us today at novasqc.com/contact or visit our website novasqc.com for more information on how we can assist you in achieving manufacturing excellence.