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Novas QC provides a wide range of independent inspection services from the start of production to container loading. Performed by qualified and experienced inspectors, it will present customers a clear picture of how production really looks.

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First Articles Inspection

Also known as Pre-production Inspection, takes place when the production just begins. It is to compare the first produced samples against product specifications and approved sample. This serves to detect and prevent problems, which if not identified, might cause customers and manufacturers huge losses. It will also provide some insights on the attention points for mass production.

In-line Inspection

Aka During Production Inspection, is performed the production is 15-30% completed or at a certain stage as needed. It allows buyers to verify the production progress, and identify any defects and causes, as they’re occurring, to prevent epidemic problem in the final products.

Final Random Inspection

Is performed when production is 100% finished and packing is 80% finished. It is the last defense line of preventing epidemically defective goods from being shipped. With this service, buyers are able to see whether the quality of the goods they will receive are as expected and determine whether to approve or reject the shipment or request rework actions.

Defect Sorting/Removal

Is usually recommended for high-value merchandise or high-risk orders. For this service, every and all piece is inspected from a certain angle (workmanship, sizes, etc. as requested) rather than randomly inspected. All defective goods identified are removed for rework or destroyed if possible in case they are re-packed into cartons.

Production Monitoring

Is to have an experienced expert staying at factory throughout the production process or for a certain period of time. It is applicable to multiple circumstances. First, first order with new supplier; second, orders of high importance; third, the manufacturer failed multiple inspections for the same recurring defects. The extra benefit of production monitoring is to witness that the corrective or preventive measures are really taken by the manufacturer.

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Product Inspections

Novas QC provides a wide range of independent inspection services from the start of production to container loading


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