Price of China Quality Control Services and Audit Services

Price of China Quality Control Services and Audit Services

You can go online and search for a china inspection company and get 1000s of competitors, but at Novas QC, we do a lot more than just inspections.

Cut-Rate $110

Low-cost inspection providers, freight companies, and sourcing agents

  • Impossible Inspector Time Quotas

  • Bad Reports, No 1-on-1 Personalization

  • Unreliable & Inconsistent Results

  • Untrained Inspectors

  • Bad English & Miscommunication

  • High Risk of Fraud


Well-known inspection companies
  • No 1-on-1 personalization or assigned team

  • Unreliable & Inconsistent Results

  • Trained Inpectors

  • Bad English & Miscommunication

Novas QC $237/Day

Get an entire quality control team for the price of an inspection!

  • Native English Service Pod (Your Own Team)

  • Video & Photo Reports with Factory Overview

  • Pay Only For Actual Inspector Time

  • Custom instructions for unique products

  • Continuously Improving Recommendations

Your Own Team


  • Personalize 1-1 support

  • High salary, travel, training overhead

  • Not up to industry standards

  • High risk of fraud

  • No quality control insights from similar brands

Average 5-star reviews

Based on 2k+ users review

You have earned my respect and gratitude for your efforts to protect your customer in going above and beyond normal expectations!


By First International Company

After working with several inspection companies in Asia I can tell you Novas QC is tops in their field – a team you can trust!


By Centric company

Your inspection report is concise, thorough and very organized. And thank you for the many detailed product photos. I take comfort in knowing you will be there.


By Autozone parts Inc.