February 24, 2023

Product Information for Inspection – What to Prepare for Inspection?


Product quality inspections ensure your consumer goods are well-made before being marketed. Otherwise, customers will likely return your flawed products and give you poor reviews. These products are those which break or don’t function as described.


Product quality inspection involves examining a product’s characteristics and testing it to comply with predetermined requirements. It might be carried out by the factory’s quality control team, a buyer, or a third-party inspection company.


This article shares the importance of inspection and the required product information for inspection. Let’s get started!


Why Do I Need A Product Inspection?

Product inspection is a crucial step in supply chain and quality control processes. It includes various stages of the production process and before shipment. You’ll be able to verify the product quality on-site to prevent quality issues and supply chain disruptions.


Here are some benefits of product inspection:


  1. Cost Savings By Preventing Product Failure

Inspections help detect faulty products in advance. As a result, sellers and manufacturers will reduce their costs of replacing and removing these products. You also have peace of mind before mass-producing and marketing your goods.


  1. Prevent Product Recalls

Product recall causes reputational damage to the brand itself. Inspections help decrease the chances of having product recalls from customers. Once again, you save costs and efforts while ensuring a smooth business operation.


  1. Ensure Product Quality

Inspections guarantee your product quality at every production stage. Your overall branding and quality will be retained at your desired level, leading to better customer satisfaction.


  1. Certifications And Approved Standards

Products with certifications and approved standards will have a better brand image. Customers will have faith in the products, and customer loyalty will form. It will lead to better sales and profits in the long term.


What Is The Required Product Information For Inspection?

You need all the pieces to put together a puzzle. Likewise, your product inspection business will need product information for inspection. It examines the status and quality of your purchase before shipment.


But, many importers are confused about what to prepare for the product inspection. The following lists the specific data to give your product inspection company. Ensure you have complete and detailed documentation to save more time for the inspection process.


  1. Purchase Order And Other Detail

A purchase order, often known as a PO, is a written record that includes details like:


Order quantities per stock-keeping unit (SKU)

Item numbers

Ex-factory dates




To provide an inspection quote, a product inspection company will require a) The quantity details listed on the PO or b) A packing list or other breakdown of product amounts (If importers want to hide the pricing on the product information for inspection.) You should consider the number of SKUs and the amounts for each to deduce the sample amounts. Each SKU should have a sample for inspection, and a larger quantity requires a larger sample for better examination and reporting. You should know what makes each SKU unique so you can combine similar ones for inspection and save money.


Besides, you should also provide other important product information for inspection, like:


  1. Urgent Orders

Inform your inspector of the purchase shipping deadline so they can schedule in advance. It also alerts the inspectors about the potential for rush manufacturing or packaging.


  1. Packaging Design And Material

Certain importers have strict packaging needs, especially for higher-end, luxury products. They include goods like watches, jewelry, and cosmetics.


You must communicate any packaging specifications to your product inspection firm. It ensures they know what to look for, especially for a rushing shipment deadline. Otherwise, hurrying might compromise the quality since packaging comes last before delivery.


  1. Any Known Product Issues Or Quality Defects

Type of defects in product inspection Alert the inspectors in advance to these recognized problems and your defect tolerance. This product information for inspection will help them classify different defects. They will also know what specific issues to watch out for, achieving better efficiency.


  1. Contact Details

Sometimes, the inspection firm needs to contact your supplier or you urgently. Phone communication is often the best way to clarify product information for inspection. Solving difficulties before, during, or after inspection is also faster.


You may also contact the inspector via social media such as Whatsapp, WeChat, and Skype. The social media used will vary for each country. For example, Whatsapp is commonly used in the United States and Europe. People in Mainland China and Hong Kong usually use Wechat for conversations.


  1. Reviews Of  The Reporting And Inspection Process

The full report might tell problems that you had not thought of. For instance, the products might not satisfy some criteria you missed before the inspection.


Suppose you think the inspector is extremely strict in reporting specific faults. In this case, you can encourage them to be more understanding in the future. Altering the inspection process can give you a more accurate report to fit your requirements better. You can even remove pointless checks or tests to cut your inspection costs.



Inferior goods and unhappy customers could harm your company’s reputation. So, ensure to carry out product inspections for more quality more assurance. It guarantees that your items live up to your standards and requirements.


Make sure you choose a reliable third-party inspection company for quality assurance. You must also provide them with all the required product information for inspection. Only then can they conduct an efficient and thorough inspection of your items.


I hope you’ve found a basic understanding of the product information for inspection. Talk to us today for a comprehensive product inspection service!


Please don’t hesitate to contact us if you have more questions.

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